I was commissioned alongside artist, Jakob Rava, to exhibit on the CYPHER Billboard site as part of their 5 artists programme — including Larry Archiampong, Dan Mitchell and Jennifer Martin. We generated a poem using surrounding street signs, kebab menu’s, karaoke lyrics and a Baudelaire book found in Bounds Green station.

A section of the poem was depicted, as pictured, on the billboard. The remainder was revealed through intimate performances at the site.

The chosen typefaces include Sheppy Sans (by work-form studio, as it reminded us of an English version of Ed Ruscha’s billboard typography), ephemeral local signage typography (digitised by me), and original Wood Type from the Royal College of Art Letterpress archives. The visual output of the project extended to Letterpressed poster editions, car vinyl sticker editions, and camcordered advertisements.

We varnished the billboard using sugar, to attract insects (whom we related to at the time).

We also held a karaoke Closing event at Mum’s Bistro, which I fully recommend for a night out in North London.